Rocky Ridge Mad Rock Jeep Wrangler

jeep-madrock-rocky-ridge-wranglerlifted-jeep-mad-rockIf you already enjoy the Jeep Wrangler, you will absolutely love the Rocky Ridge Mad Rock Wrangler. This lifted Jeep is a fun twist on the original and features various conversions that make it even better for off-roading and adventure than the original Wrangler is. This is just one of the many Rocky Ridge conversions available at Sherry 4×4. We specialize in lifted Jeeps and trucks to give you the best-quality vehicles that are already lifted so you don’t have to worry about using a lift kit yourself. In addition to the Mad Rock Wrangler, you can find other Rocky Ridge conversions on the Wrangler, including the K2, Pinnacle, and Summit.

The Mad Rock Wrangler is actually the only Rocky Ridge model with the Mad Rock package, meaning that it will stand out from the crowd. It features a suspension lift kit to make room for the large wheels that set your Wrangler apart from others on the road, give you a better view, and help you tackle tough terrain. There are also numerous interior and exterior enhancements designed to give you the best possible experience behind the wheel.

To take the performance of the Rocky Ridge Mad Rock Wrangler to the next level, it includes Pure Drive Technology. This innovation allows Rocky Ridge to lift the suspension of the Wrangler. While many lift kits reduce the drive and ride quality, Pure Drive Technology actually improves these things while still providing the capabilities and appearance that drivers want from a Jeep, whether it is lifted. Most systems work against the Jeep Wrangler’s natural traits while Pure Drive Technology works with them, providing exceptional results.

jeep-madrock-rocky-ridge-wranglerWe chose to offer Rocky Ridge vehicles because of the brand’s reliable history of enhancing a range of Jeeps and trucks to get them ready for any situation, whether it involves rough terrain, off-roading, or poor weather conditions. The family-owned company has been converting high-quality lifted vehicles more than 30 years, during which time it has shown meticulous attention to detail. The Mad Rock Wrangler is the perfect example of this innovation and reliability. It maintains everything drivers love about the Jeep Wrangler but adds a professionally installed lift kit designed by top engineers for optimal performance, styling, and height.

Sherry 4×4 is a customer-oriented Rocky Ridge dealership that offers full service. You can visit us to buy your lifted Mad Rock Wrangler and come back for maintenance and any necessary repairs. We offer an incredible range of Rocky Ridge Jeep and RAM products with excellent conversions. We aim to make sure that you have an excellent shopping experience whether you are close to our Piqua, Ohio, dealership or across the country. Since we can deliver your vehicle to any state, we make sure to provide the latest information on our website, including photos, videos, vehicle descriptions, prices, and history reports for every single lifted truck and Jeep, including our Mad Rock Wranglers. If you have any questions, we make it easy to contact our dealership, via either a phone call or our online chat.

3.5” Rocky Ridge Sport X Suspension Lift Kit

  • RR 3.0 Monotube Shocks
  • High-Performance Coil Springs
  • High Steer Conversion
  • Geometry Correction Bracket
  • Replacement Sway Bar End Links in Front and Rear
  • Adjustable Track Bar Brackets in Front and Rear
  • Rocky Ridge Pure Drive Technology
  • Brake Line Relocation Bracket

Custom Tire and Wheel Package

  • Mickey Thompson MTZ 37×13.5×20 Tires
  • 20-Inch Black Powder Coated Wheels
  • Four-Wheel Alignment
  • Road Force Balancing
  • Complete System Recalibration

Interior and Exterior Additions

  • Full Stealth Armored Coating on the Exterior
  • Heat Reduction Hood
  • Grumper Front Skid Plate
  • Fab Fours Grumper Front Bumper
  • Fab Fours Rear Bumper
  • Power Retractable Side Steps
  • LED Turn Signals
  • 50-Inch LED Light Bar Mounted to Windshield
  • Brake Light Extension Bracket
  • Synthetic Rope Winch for 8,500 Pounds
  • Off-the-Door Tire Carrier
  • Red D-Rings in Front and Rear
  • Powder Coated Steel Inner Front Fender
  • Powder Coated Steel Fenders with Flares in Front and Rear
  • Switch Pod Mounted to Pillars with Illuminated Rocker Swatches
  • Rocky Ridge Rear Light Guards
  • Front License Plate Brackets
  • All-Weather Floor Mats
  • All-Weather Cargo Liner
  • Nylon Web Roll Bar Straps with Molded Grip Handles

Warranty and Maintenance

  • Care and Maintenance USB Drive
  • 36,000 Miles or 3 Years of Warranty Coverage

Rocky Ridge Signature Badging

  • Rocky Ridge Windshield Banner

Available Premium Options

  • LED Directional Headlights
  • Dual Exhaust with Black Ceramic Tips
  • Snorkel System
  • 6-Switch Panel with Voltage Meter
  • Custom Leather Seating in Black or Black with Red
  • Rocky Ridge 8-Speaker LED Soundbar