10 Vacation Spots for Your Lifted Jeep

Taking a vacation with your lifted Jeep dramatically increases the number of options you have. While you could still take a road trip or head to any holiday destination you want, most lifted Jeep owners will want to do something that takes advantage of their vehicle’s abilities. Figure out whether you want to stick close to Ohio or are up for a road trip, and then consider one of these great vacation spots to visit in your lifted Jeep.

  1. Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest, Georgia – This forest in northern Georgia has nearly 900,000 acres of land and more than 80 trails. You can find gravel, rock hill climbs, dirt trails, rivers, and creeks.
  2. Hatfield-McCoy Trails, West Virginia – This area has more than 500 miles’ worth of riding and covers five counties at the moment, with plans for expansion. There are six trailheads geared to all difficulty levels, and you can experience some history while there.
  3. Lake Tahoe, California – Visit Lake Tahoe during the summer months to put your lifted Jeep to the test. This is where you will find the Rubicon Trail, which is the namesake for the toughest Jeeps. In addition to this 22-mile trail, you can tackle boulders, streams, and more.
  4. Las Cruces, New Mexico – If you want to spend lots of time off-roading in your Jeep, visit Las Cruces. There are 5.4 million acres with over 45,000 miles of trails and roads. You can go camping and find new things to explore every day or every time you take a road trip back.
  5. Laurel Highlands, Pennsylvania – This region in the Allegheny Mountains is perfect for those who love driving through mud. You will find trails weaving through the brush and trees and plenty of challenging mud obstacles.
  6. Moab, Utah – Moab is the perfect place for off-roading in your lifted Jeep. This area is known for attracting off-roaders from across the country, giving you access to gorgeous Southwest sites. You can find tracks that go through rocks, canyons, and desert. Just don’t expect to drive quickly through the area; stay safe and go slow.
  7. Oceano Dunes, California – Those who want to test their lifted Jeep on dunes should consider this destination in California. This is the most extensive area of coastal dunes in the area. In addition to tough dunes, there is ocean scenery and recreational activities.
  8. Ouray, Colorado – Ouray is conveniently right in the middle of the Rio Grande, Uncompahgre, and San Juan national forests, making it green and great for lifted Jeeps. You can follow a track up the Rocky Mountains to get some amazing views or visit ghost towns and abandoned mines. Use your Jeep’s storage area to bring your skis and visit Telluride while there.
  9. Upper Peninsula, Michigan – If you don’t need a specific destination for your lifted Jeep vacation, go to the Upper Peninsula and wing it. You can visit the Silver Lake Sand Dunes on your way. Once you arrive, explore the pines and cedars. There is at least hundreds of miles’ worth of trails in all directions. You will see Lakes Huron and Michigan, along with Tahquamenon Falls.
  10. Whipsaw Trail, British Columbia – Grab your passport and go to the Whipsaw Trail if you have more experience under your belt. You will get amazing scenery with meadows and forests. The trail itself will take around a day, but you will have plenty of other things to explore afterward.
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