What Off-Road Accessories Your 4×4 Needs

Just because you bought that awesome lifted Jeep or lifted truck that was designed for going off-road, that doesn’t mean that you have everything you need. Before you hit the trail, you will want to give your vehicle a thorough check to make sure everything is in good shape and ready to handle whatever the trail throws your way. You should also strongly consider investing in some of the following off-road accessories for your 4×4 if it doesn’t already have them.

Winching Kit

You should always have a winching kit with you when you go off-road. This is essential for getting your 4×4 out of the mud or other tough situations. You can find a range of winching kits available. You could always make your own if you don’t feel like buying one. Either way, make sure you have some heavy-duty gloves, a tow strap with a high rating, some clevis shackles, and bonuses, like snatch blocks and tree-saver straps.

Traction Ramps

A nice set of traction ramps won’t take up much room in your 4×4 but can make the difference between staying stuck for hours until help comes and getting out of a situation by yourself. Although you shouldn’t ever travel alone, traction ramps can save you and your vehicle if you happen to do so. Most will be foldable so they take up less space. When you need them, simply unfold and wedge them right under your stuck tires. Now you should be able to get out of the snow, sand, or mud much easier.

Air Compressor

If you have gone off-roading before in your 4×4, you know that you have to let some air out of your tires beforehand. Doing so will increase traction and help you stick to any terrain with ease. The issue arrives after you are done off-roading; you need to return your tires to road-ready pressure and probably won’t have a convenient gas station nearby. An air compressor can take care of this for you. You can even use the air compressor for other purposes when not on the trail, such as using your air tools.

Large Multitool

There are several incredibly useful products on the market that are designed to work as an ax, pick, sledgehammer, rake, or shovel, depending on the parts you choose to attach. You can think of them as a larger version of the classic Swiss army knife that is perfect for off-roading. Investing in one of these tools is a great way to ensure you can always cut away that inconvenient log or dig your 4×4 out of the mud.

Safety Kits

Off-roading is a time to relax and have some fun, but you still need to be practical. Since you are likely going to be traveling to a remote trail, you need to have some basic medical supplies on hand. At the very least, pack disinfectant and bandages. Ideally, you should just buy a pre-arranged first aid kid and maybe add things like a blanket, matches, and waterproof tarp, plus a Swiss army knife or sharper blade in case you get stranded. Don’t forget to pack some first aid supplies for your 4×4, as well; you don’t want a hole in the tire to leave you stranded.

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