What Your Lifted Truck Can Do That Other Trucks Can’t

You’ve seen lifted trucks on the road occasionally, or perhaps you’ve seen them a lot when you hit the trail for an off-road adventure. These trucks require an additional investment compared to traditional trucks, but they are well worth it because of all the things they can do. A lifted truck will take the capabilities of its regular counterpart to the next level, taking you on adventures and even helping with visibility on daily drives.

lifted-2016-ram-1500Enhance Visibility

All trucks give you a height advantage over other vehicles on the road, but a lifted truck takes this to the next level. When you are behind the wheel of a lifted truck, you will be able to see over or around almost every single vehicle on the road, along with other obstacles. This gives you more time to brake before reaching a distant obstacle and improves your chances of avoiding an accident since you have more time to prepare and take action.

Better Ground Clearance

Most people who are interested in lifted trucks want to drive one of these vehicles for their dramatically improved ground clearance. If you love driving off-road and do so regularly, a lifted truck will definitely be the way to go, as you get at least several inches extra of ground clearance. This added clearance can also help you avoid potholes or rough spots if you live in an area with poorly maintained roads.

Going Off Road with Ease

Because of the increased ground clearance, the majority of lifted truck owners opt for these vehicles for their off-roading adventures. The extra ground clearance, extra suspension, and enhanced shocks all help turn branches, rocks, and other obstacles into minor annoyances.

lifted-trucks-for-saleLarger Tires

As lifted trucks are higher off the ground, you have space to upgrade to significantly larger tires. These can be helpful when you tackle tough terrain or just have to deal with slippery roads. Larger tires give you more traction in any situation, and you will particularly notice the improvement on wet surfaces or snow.

Improved Towing

You may not realize it, but lifted trucks can also tow better than their non-lifted counterparts can. This is true in the case of mild lifts; you shouldn’t tow with an extremely lifted suspension. If you pick a truck that is slightly lifted, you will have a weight advantage and improved safety margin over whatever you are towing.

Help in Poor Weather

Depending on where you live, a lifted truck may be the difference between struggling in poor weather conditions and successfully getting around town or home. If the road is impassable, you will have a better chance of getting over the obstacles thanks to your added ground clearance; that small tree trunk that would stop a normal truck is no challenge for a lifted one. The added clearance and larger tires of lifted trucks also allows them to easily drive through deep snow associated with Midwest blizzards or the mud that comes with a heavy rainstorm.

Don’t forget that your lifted truck will also stand out from the crowd and appear aggressive in a way that a regular vehicle simply can’t. The extra height and ruggedness ensure you make a great first impression.

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