A Brief History of Rocky Ridge Lifted Trucks and Jeeps

Our goal at Sherry4x4 is always to provide the highest-quality conversions for our customers, whether they are close to our Ohio dealership or somewhere across the country. To do this, we offer only conversions that we can count on, including those from Rocky Ridge. This particular business is family owned and operated and has been that way throughout its entire history that spans more than three decades.

Expansion over Time

When Rocky Ridge began during the middle of the 1980s, it was a small business that specialized in creating GM conversion vans. While Rocky Ridge still creates those conversions, it has long since expanded into a specialty vehicle manufacturer with a full line. Today, its focus on conversion vans has expanded to include lifted trucks, SUVs, and even cars. Most auto enthusiasts agree that Rocky Ridge provides the highest quality of all similar companies in the industry. Rocky Ridge is still family operated and owned, but it works with a network of dealerships across the country, including Paul Sherry.

Focusing on Excellence

Rocky Ridge does more than just create a conversion that gets the job done. Its team works hard to provide the excellence with every single vehicle. Each conversion, whether it is to a van, truck, SUV, or car, is aesthetically pleasing and adds to the vehicle without sacrificing an ounce of its integrity. Following a Rocky Ridge conversion, a vehicle is even better than before, handling on and off-road situations with ease. The vehicles maintain their towing and hauling ratings as well as passenger comfort, but they offer added off-road capability and a heavy dose of style.

The secret to Rocky Ridge’s ability to keep up its high standards is doing each conversion in house. Every single step of the process takes place in its nine facilities. Each facility focuses on a step of the Rocky Ridge conversion process. This means that a van or truck will travel through each facility in order, gaining more aspects of its conversion along the way. This specialization and in-house work allows Rocky Ridge to guarantee its quality, which is why we at Paul Sherry choose to stock its vehicles.

Products Available

Throughout the years, Rocky Ridge has gone from specializing in conversion vans to focusing more on trucks and SUVs. However, you can still find conversion vans and cars from the customization specialist. At lifted truck dealership, we stock a wide range of Rocky Ridge models and have the connections to help you find those that we don’t have in stock. Rocky Ridge works with the Chevy Silverado, Colorado, and Tahoe; GMC Sierra and Yukon; Cadillac Escalade 560 V; Ford F-150 and SuperDuty; RAM 1500; Jeep Wrangler; and Toyota Tundra, among others. The majority of the Rocky Ridge conversions you will find at Paul Sherry are designed to enhance your off-roading experience, although there are also performance packages and other types of conversions. Contact us to find out which Rocky Ridge models we currently have in stock.

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