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rocky ridge trucks alpine


The Rocky Ridge Alpine package offers the perfect balance of on-road drivability with off-road capability, along with Rocky Ridge branded features. The lift kit for this particular conversion is a 4-inch Rocky Ridge Coil-Over Performance Lift Kit, making the Alpine unlike any other lifted truck on the road. That kit includes e-coated rear and front crossmembers, compression struts, Stage II front coil-over shocks, a brake-line relocation bracket, a bottom mount rear coil spring spacer, and Rocky Ridge 3.0 brushed aluminum wheel shocks.

As with the other Rocky Ridge kits, there is also a custom wheel and tire package that includes four-wheel alignment, road force balancing, and a complete system calibration. This package swaps out the standard Ram wheels and tires for 20-inch off-road wheels and 37-inch all-terrain tires. Those exchanges give the Ram 1500 Alpine the added ground clearance it needs to tackle any trail or road that you come across. Other exterior enhancements for the Rocky Ridge Alpine include a Flowmaster muffler, body color slim-line fender flares, and power-side steps. There is also plenty of badging via unique Alpine emblems on the tailgate and front door. A Rocky Ridge tailgate emblem and a Rocky Ridge windshield banner complement this area of the body.

To add that premium feel to the Alpine, there are multiple upgrade options, although not quite as many as the altitude offers. Inside, you can get custom leather seating and matte black carbon fiber trim. The exterior can feature a bull bar with LED lights, a spray-in bedliner, and custom fade paint. With those features, you can add plenty of luxury to the Rocky Ridge Alpine to ensure maximum comfort during your drive and customize your Ram 1500 to meet your specific preferences without sacrificing its off-road readiness. The result is a vehicle that delivers top capabilities off-road combined with on-road readiness.

Altitude Package By Rocky Ridge Trucks

The Rocky Ridge Altitude builds on the already confident Ram 1500, delivering all that you need to go off-road with confidence via a lifted truck. Unlike self-install kits, experts handle the conversion for you. So, everything comes out perfect. Like all Rocky Ridge conversions, the Altitude starts off with a suspension lift kit. In the case of the Rocky Ridge Altitude, this is a 6-inch Rocky Ridge suspension lift kit that includes ES9000 rear shocks, rear coil spacers, a brake-line relocation bracket, compression struts, Rocky Ridge rear and front crossmembers, and a Rocky Ridge front strut tower extension.

From there, the Altitude adds in a custom wheel and tire package to work with the added height. This starts off with 20-inch PVD-coated wheels and 37-inch all-terrain tires. Rocky Ridge opted for PVD coating for the wheels since it provides a similar shine to what you would get with chrome, but with extra durability, making it ideal for the off-roading adventures typical of Rocky Ridge owners. To ensure that package functions perfectly with the converted Ram, it also includes complete system calibration, four-wheel alignment, and road force balancing.

The outside of the Rocky Ridge Altitude truck comes with color-keyed pocket-style fender flares and wide oval stainless-steel step bars. There is also Rocky Ridge signature badging, including chrome emblems on the front door and tailgate that are specific to the Altitude. The badging also features a Rocky Ridge windshield banner and a chrome Rocky Ridge emblem on the tailgate.

To round out the Rocky Ridge Altitude truck, you can also opt for a version with a range of premium features. These can include a spray-in bedliner, custom two-tone paint, custom fade paint, a Flowmaster muffler system, a bull bar featuring LED lights, power side steps, custom leather seating, and a matte carbon fiber interior. This way, you can complement the rugged exterior with a sleek and luxurious interior.

altitude rocky ridge trucks


Rocky Ridge Trucks K2 Package

Named after one of the toughest and tallest mountains in the world, “Savage Mountain” is a common nickname of the Rocky Ridge K2 conversion. With this conversion, Rocky Ridge aimed to create a vehicle that could tackle even that tough mountain thanks to its huge lift kit and other features. That lift kit is a 6-inch Rocky Ridge Suspension Lift Kit that includes very similar components to the Altitude’s lift kit, including real coil spacers, compression struts, a Rocky Ridge front strut tower extension, Rocky Ridge crossmembers in the front and rear, a brake line relocation bracket, and ES9000 rear shocks.

Following the same trend as the other Rocky Ridge packages that go on a Ram 1500, the K2 comes with 20-inch wheels and 37-inch all-terrain tires. The wheels on this package are black and powder coated. To ensure that the wheels and tires work perfectly with the existing Ram 1500 components and Rocky Ridge additions, Rocky Ridge also takes care of road force balancing, a complete system recalibration, and four-wheel alignment.

The exterior of the Rocky Ridge K2 package has a range of upgrades. Some are stylistic, some are functional, and some are a mix of both. The factory dual exhaust gets a Flowmaster muffler and Rocky Ridge adds pocket style fender flares in matte black, black ceramic exhaust tips, and wide oval black step bars. The interior also gets the stylish addition of carbon fiber trim that is matte. The exterior badging for the K2 does not include any package-specific emblems. Instead, it just gets the Rocky Ridge tailgate emblem and Rocky Ridge windshield banner.

If you want to adjust the exterior styling of the Rocky Ridge K2, you can opt for custom fade paint or custom two-tone paint. To make it easier to reach the cabin, you can opt for power side steps. There is also the option of a spray-in bedliner for extra protection, custom leather seating for comfort, and a bull bar with LED lights for functionality and style.

Rocky Ridge Trucks Stealth Package

The Rocky Ridge Stealth version of the Ram 1500 uses a Stealth Armour coating which enhances protection as well as style, in addition to the range of other Rocky Ridge conversions. That Stealth Armour is a polyurethane coating that is military grade. The conversion starts with the same 6-inch Rocky Ridge Suspension Lift Kit as on several other Rocky Ridge packages. This features the Rocky Ridge crossmembers in the rear and front, the Rocky Ridge front strut tower extension, compression struts, ES9000 rear shocks, rear coil spacers, and a brake line relocation bracket.

The 20-inch wheels that are part of the Rocky Ridge Ram 1500 Stealth are black with powder coating and hold 37-inch all-terrain tires to put those extra 6 inches from the lift kit to good use. Rocky Ridge’s tire and wheel package also features road force balancing, four-wheel alignment, and the complete system recalibration to ensure the enhancements work smoothly with the factory components.

Like other conversations, the Rocky Ridge Stealth offers a long list of additions. You get Rocky Ridge branded Full Armour bumpers in both the front and the rear, integrated rear bumper LED reverse lights, a Hawse fairlead, a front license plate bracket, a 10,500-pound synthetic rope winch featuring a cover, rear and front D-rings in red, rear-facing utility LED spot lights, and a textured headache rack with a 50-inch LED light bar. This package also automatically comes with Stealth coating for both the pocket-style fender flares and grille. The additions round out with the Flowmaster muffler system, power step boards, black ceramic exhaust tips, and matte carbon fiber trim inside.

Badging comes from the Stealth decals, Rocky Ridge windshield banner, and Rocky Ridge tailgate emblem. Since so many additional features come standard with the Rocky Ridge Stealth, the only premium options are a spray-in bedliner and custom leather seating.


rocky ridge stealth xl truck

Rocky Ridge Trucks Stealth XL

While the Rocky Ridge Stealth has plenty of Stealth Armour, the Stealth XL takes that to the next level by completely covering the vehicle with that coating. This is ideal for protection as well as plenty of style from the dark vehicle. Many features of the Rocky Ridge Stealth XL are the same as the Stealth, including the 6-inch Rocky Ridge Suspension lift kit with its ES9000 rear shocks, rear coil spacers, brake line relocation bracket, compression struts, Rocky Ridge crossmembers in front and rear, and Rocky Ridge front strut tower extension. The custom wheel and tire package are also the same, featuring road force balancing, complete system recalibration, four-wheel alignment, 20-inch black powder coated wheels, and 37-inch all-terrain tires.

The additions inside and out are where the Stealth XL stands out thanks to the Full Exterior Stealth Coating combined with the Stealth coated grille and pocket style fender flares. It also has Rocky Ridge branding for the Full Armour bumpers, a 10,500-pound synthetic rope winch with a cover, integrated rear bumper LED reverse lights, rear facing utility LED spot lights, a 50-inch LED light bar on the textured headache rack, a Flowmaster muffler, a Hawse Fairlead, rear and front red D-rings, a front license plate bracket, power step boards, a spray-in bedliner, and black ceramic exhaust tips. Inside, the Stealth XL comes with matte carbon fiber trim.

Badging includes the Rocky Ridge tailgate emblem and windshield banner plus Stealth decals. The only premium upgrade available is custom leather seating since the Rocky Ridge Stealth XL already includes everything else. After all, most of the premium options offered on other Rocky Ridge Ram 1500 packages come standard on the Stealth XL, such as the spray-in bedliner and power side steps. The Stealth XL is the all-inclusive Rocky Ridge package, ready to meet the needs of even the most exacting drivers.

RAM Rocky Ridge Muscle Truck

The RAM Rocky Ridge Muscle Truck once again proves that Rocky Ridge knows exactly what it is doing when creating a conversion. This Muscle Truck is actually lowered instead of lifted like most Rocky Ridge models, and it has performance upgrades from Richard Petty’s Garage that are guaranteed to deliver thrills.

The most exciting adjustment for the Rocky Ridge RAM Muscle Truck is the Petty Performance Package, which has a TVS supercharger with a 6-psi boost, Magnaflow dual exhaust, custom tune for the engine and transmission, and cold-air intake. The result is 550 horsepower from the RAM, more than you will possibly need. To further boost performance, the RAM Muscle Truck includes a lowered suspension, progressive-rate springs, a limited-slip differential, heavy-duty sway bars, and a heavy-duty cooling system.

rocky ridge muscle truck

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