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How Much Do Jacked Up Trucks Cost?

Driving a jacked-up truck will give you a better view of the road and more aggressive styling. Drivers everywhere love the way that jacked-up trucks look and drive, but how much do they cost?

What Are Jacked-up Trucks?

A jacked-up truck is the same as a lifted truck. These are trucks that have a lift kit installed. Lift kits are popular for multiple reasons, from style to functionality.

More Aggressive, Eye-Catching Stance

When you drive a jacked-up truck, you are sure to turn heads wherever you go. People will admire your truck, and it will likely be the only one of its kind in the immediate area. As a bonus, the lift kit makes your truck much easier to spot in a crowded parking lot.

Excellent Clearance

Many drivers opt for lifted or jacked-up trucks because of their high ground clearance. This makes it easy to get over obstacles off or on the road. Potholes and fallen branches during storms won’t worry you. And you will be ready to tackle that challenging off-road terrain.

jacked up truckImproved View

The higher ride height also gives you a better view of the road. This lets you see obstacles sooner, giving you more time to plan. It also lets over other autos on the road, so you can prepare for a traffic jam or even take a detour to avoid it.

Underbody Access

As a bonus, having a jacked-up truck means that it becomes easier to access the underbody of your vehicle. Use this for maintenance or upgrades.

The Cost of Jacked-up Trucks

The cost of a jacked-up truck will account for the initial price of the truck, as well as the cost of the lift kit and the labor that went into installing it. As such, you can expect to pay more for a jacked-up truck than you would one with a standard suspension. But it is well worth the price.

How Much Do Jacked-up Trucks Cost?

The price of your jacked-up truck will depend on the conversion kit used, who completed the conversion, and the original truck configuration. Brand, trim, and engine will all affect the price.

You can expect to pay anywhere from about $50,000 to $90,000 for a new jacked-up truck, although most cost at least $60,000. As always with vehicles, opting for a used lifted truck will drop the price somewhat. These tend to be priced from about $45,000 to $60,000.

The price of the jacked-up truck will vary based on the same factors that a non-lifted truck’s price would. So, it depends on the make, model, trim, engine, features, transmission, and more. On top of that, the conversion or lift kit installed matters, as does who installed it.

buy jacked up truckWhere to Buy Jacked-up Trucks

Options for buying jacked-up trucks are somewhat limited. This is a natural result of the fact that not everyone is interested in them, so dealerships don’t necessarily think it is worth their time to offer them. Even if an average dealership does have a lifted truck, they will likely only have one or two.

Your best option for buying a jacked-up truck is to find a specialty shop. This will give you a better selection and high-quality trucks.

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