Buy Your Next Custom RAM Truck with eTorque

What is RAM eTorque?

RAM eTorque is a new technology feature that enhances the efficiency of a RAM Truck’s system. An engine with eTorque generates electrical energy to feed back to the truck’s battery pack, adding power for towing and hauling and torque when it shifts. Basically, it uses what otherwise would be wasted energy. The eTorque system in a lifted RAM Truck is stored in a battery pack that supplies electrical loads and charges the starter battery. Its motor-generators use an accessory drive belt to change the speed of the truck, which is better than an alternator’s drawing power. The RAM eTorque system is relatively new in the United States.

What are the benefits of eTorque?

With gas prices on the rise, eTorque makes the truck a mild hybrid and will help keep the owner’s fuel costs lower. The stop-start system helps save fuel when the truck isn’t moving at stoplights, in high-volume traffic and in any idling situation. It’s a feature that is very smooth and almost unnoticeable. Torque gets to the wheels really fast, traveling at twice the speed of other stop-start systems because they use a conventional starter battery.

Does eTorque help with towing?

Support for towing is one of the best features of the RAM Truck’s eTorque system. This is a motor on an engine that provides a boost to improve performance. The eTorque system replaces the traditional alternator and does its job. The power goes to the electrical systems, so it doesn’t come from the engine. That allows for the extra energy. The eTorque system provides a bigger towing capacity than a truck with the same engine but with no eTorque. The system also uses the energy that is often lost through heat when the brakes are applied. With eTorque, nothing goes wasted and it all goes into giving the vehicle umph for towing.

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How do I know if my RAM has eTorque?

The latest models of the RAM 1500 are currently the only pickups with eTorque available. Those with a heavy-duty design aren’t yet prepared with the system. Owners of RAM 1500 pickups can look at the front or the top of the engine to find the eTorque motor. For those with the standard 3.6L Pentastar V6 engine that has up to 305 hp and 269 lb.-ft. of torque, it uses liquid cooling and is located on the front of the engine. For those with the 5.7L HEMI V8 engine that delivers up to 395 hp and 410 lb.-ft. of torque, it uses air cooling and may be found on the top. If you are shopping online for a RAM Truck, you can enter the search phrase “eTorque” into the search bar on to see what new trucks are available now. When the search page results appear, “eTorque” will be listed under the engine description. It is also usually a part of the title of the truck for sale, for example, “2021 Ram 1500 Big Horn Hemi eTorque.”

How do I custom order a new lifted or non-lifted RAM Truck from Sherry 4×4?

Whether for personal or commercial use, Sherry Chrysler can make your purchase of a custom RAM Truck a breeze. On you can get a custom order truck quote with no obligation. Complete the online form or call our staff at (937) 778-0830. We offer the option to test drive a RAM Truck from your home — we’ll bring it to you. We also have a virtual walk-around on our website. If you purchase a vehicle online, we can deliver it with the paperwork directly to your home or workplace. We also can offer trade-in estimates without the need for a visit to our dealership. If you need financing, you can apply online as well.

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