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rocky ridge ram alpine truck
Rocky Ridge Trucks and Sherry 4X4 need your help! We are proud supporters of the United States Armed Forces and we’re looking for men and women that have gone above and beyond their normal call of service. Rocky Ridge trucks has designed and built a one-of-a-kind 2018 Chevrolet Silverado that will be given away to someone who is regarded as a “True American Hero”.

The Truck

The meat and potatoes of this giveaway is this customized 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. The lucky winner gets a truck with a full suspension package, an upgraded stereo system, custom paint by Tex Efx and everything else listed below!

6” Rocky Ridge Suspension Lift Kit
  • E-Coated Front and Rear Cross-Members
  • E-Coated Front and Rear Cross-Members
  • E-Coated Front Strut Tower Extension
  • E-Coated Full Front Skid Plate Compression Struts
  • Bra [...]
Sherry4X4: The Ultimate Lifted Jeep Marketplace Research, Shop, Finance and Delivery

When you want the hottest Lifted Jeeps and Lifted RAM Trucks visit They are an online marketplace where you can see, browse, and buy some of the most unique lifted Jeeps and RAM trucks. No matter the style, year, make, or model of lifted RAM trucks and Jeeps you are looking for, you’re sure to find them at They have trucks and Jeeps with suspension lifts and body lifts all done by the highly skilled professionals at Rocky Ridge and their entire inventory is conveniently available online.

Easy To Use Website

The website is easy to use. You are able to get in-depth look at a wide range of vehicles at the click of a mouse. If you spend a few minutes on the site you can get all the information you need on several different vehicles. You can get facts on [...]

Premium Rocky Ridge Jeep Wranglers Now Available at Sherry 4×4

Sherry 4×4 now has brand new, lifted Jeep Wranglers in stock, which are versatile off-road vehicles with a variety of capabilities. Whether it’s rocky, forested terrain or the desert, Jeep Wranglers are capable of taking passengers on a fun ride.

Detailed pricing information and vehicle specs are listed on the Sherry 4×4 website, where customers can view photos of Jeeps and trucks and browse available models. Customers can also view financing options and ask questions of company personnel, via the web. Sherry 4×4 can even deliver Jeeps right to customers’ homes, if they decide to make a purchase over the web.

Sherry 4×4 can enhance the performance of Jeep Wranglers by performing conversions, which includes lifting suspensions, installing larger wheels and adding tire packages with aggressive tire treads. Other enhanced features include heavy duty bumpers and running boards, along with extras that can improve the [...]

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