Benefits of Buying a Lifted Truck From a Dealer

Trucks are great for off-road purposes. They can get you through mud, snow, and other obstacles. It is the perfect choice for people who love to go on adventures or constantly travel on rough roads. While the factory design is great, they sometimes need a little extra. That is where lifted kits come in.

A lifted kit is a modification that provides additional clearance for your truck. The increased ground clearance translates to better overall performance, especially in off-road situations. With it, you can navigate through rocks, steep terrain, and other obstacles that get in your way.

You get the opportunity to use bigger wheels and tires with a lifted truck. Aside from enhancing comfort and performance, wider tires are better in mud, snow, and sand. It provides more traction, so you do not get stuck.

The lift kit includes new suspensions for your truck, giving it a higher center of gravity. It makes the vehicle easier to control and handle. Plus, it is better for towing.

Lifting your truck also gives you a higher position when driving. That means you get better visibility of your surroundings, making it easier to see around you. A higher driving position helps in spotting obstacles and navigating through the environment.

Last but certainly not least, a lifted truck looks great. There is an added aesthetic appeal. Even if you do not plan to take the truck off-road, it will always look ready for anything the world throws at it.

You have several options to choose from when lifting your truck, but the best way to do it is through your dealer. That gives you the most benefits and peace of mind.

benefits-of-buying-a-lifted-truck-from-a-dealerInsure Your Investment

One option is purchasing a brand-new truck and then getting a lift kit after purchasing. You can install it or have a mechanic do it for you. The downside of that is your warranty.

Getting a lift kit does not automatically void the manufacturer warranty of your truck, for the most part. But if you have a claim, they can deny it if they believe that the kit you used was the cause of the problem.

The question now is, do you want to risk that?

The better option is to work with your dealer for an approved lift kit together with purchasing your truck. The warranty is not affected this way.

By working with your dealer, you insure your investment better.

Easy Servicing

Another thing to consider is the servicing of your truck. Like most other mechanical things, your vehicle needs constant care. Regular maintenance is part of ensuring that the vehicle works as it should. You want to be able to rely on it when needed, and servicing plays a big role in that.

When the lift kit is installed by someone other than your dealer, it can create problems with servicing. By contrast, your dealer will professionally install this for you and ensure everything is done according to specifications. That greatly decreases the possibility of something going wrong.

If an inexperienced mechanic installs a lift kit, there is a chance that a part is improperly placed. Improper installations can lead to complications in maintaining the vehicle.

Dealers Work With Trusted Parts

By working with a dealer, you can trust that you will get the right parts for your truck. They only use approved brands like Fox Shocks, Tuscany Motors Company, and Rocky Ridge Trucks, to name a few. You know you get quality products for the money you spend.

Because these parts are tried and tested with the truck you purchased, you know it will work and last. Getting a lift kit from unknown or unreliable brands can affect the performance and durability of your truck. In other words, you might end up with mechanical problems in the middle of nowhere, and no one wants that.

In working with your dealer, you can be confident that you get the right lift kit. You need not worry about the parts and their performance.

Get Your Lifted Truck from Sherry4x4

Are you looking for a lifted truck? is the dealer to work with, so you get what you need. We have a variety of options to fit your requirements. You can shop from our readily available stocks, or you can get custom-lifted trucks.

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We start this process with a conversation where we gather information about you, your needs, and other relevant information. We will guide you through our available trucks and what you can customize.

Once we have your truck ready, our team will help you with financing. We understand this is a pain point for some people, so we work hard to find you the right terms. Fill out a finance application, and we will do the rest for you.

We will help you through the whole process until you reach the final and most exciting step: getting your truck delivered.

If you have questions or clarifications, you can always visit us at our locations or call (866) 521-5711 to talk with our team.

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