How to Build Custom Lifted Sherrod Trucks

If you own a truck, you’ve likely heard of lift kits. These kits enable the truck’s suspension or body to be “lifted.” This makes it ideal for off-roading or adding extra space between the road and your truck’s underbody. Sherrod is one of the first names that come to mind when considering lifted trucks. The firm has assembled high-quality lifted trucks for over 40 years. Sherrod has developed lifted trucks for brands like Chevrolet, GMC, RAM, and Ford. So if you’re on the hunt for custom lifted Sherrod trucks, here are a few things to know. 

Decide Between New and Used Lifted Sherrod Trucks

The lifted truck industry offers several appealing options. Customers are able to pick the truck that suits them best while being mindful of the costs. If you’ve researched lifted trucks online, you’re likely aware that both used and new models are available. One doesn’t necessarily fare better than the other when looking into factors such as pricing, features, etc. If a used model is available at a lower cost, there’s no reason not to consider it. Similarly, new models also have their own appeal. So, the choice is yours.

Choose Your Lift Kit

Customers can get two types of lift kits for trucks: suspension and body. A suspension lift kit increases the truck’s ground clearance and makes it suitable for off-roading. This usually includes custom front/rear leaf springs. These lift kits also require longer shocks and other parts to adjust the alignment and driveline angles.

A body lift kit is better suited for running errands in the city, with the occasional off-roading. These kits are useful if you want larger tires on your vehicle. Some body lift kits could include parts to fix the transmission linkage, steering angle, or brake lines.

Determine Your Desired Make and Model

The next step is to choose the custom lifted Sherrod truck you want to buy. There are quite a lot of options available, but if you look close enough, you will find something that fits your budget and personal preferences. Custom lifted Sherrod trucks are available in three packages, which are the Eclipse Edition, LZ-1 Edition, and Signature Edition. Each option has something special to offer. 

Custom Order Lifted Sherrod Trucks From Sherry 4X4

custom-lifted-sherrod-trucksYou can now custom order your own custom lifted Sherrod trucks from Sherry 4X4. Situated in Piqua, Ohio, Sherry 4X4 offers numerous lifted truck options. Customer service is paramount at Sherry 4X4. So buyers can be assured that they’re in good hands. 

Sherry 4X4 also provides easy financing options to help pay for your new or used Sherrod lifted truck. The agency has partnerships with credit unions and banks to ensure customers get the best deal possible. Sherry 4X4 delivers anywhere in the U.S., so your custom Sherrod lifted truck will be brought straight to your doorstep regardless of where you live. 

Visit Sherry 4X4 today for that custom Sherrod lifted truck you’ve always dreamt of. You can call Sherry 4X4 at (866) 521-5711 or drop an email to [email protected] for more details.

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