What To Expect From A Lifted Truck

When you visit Sherry 4×4, you will notice that we have perhaps the best selection of lifted trucks in Ohio. For those who are unfamiliar with lifted trucks, they are exactly what they sound like: Trucks that have been modified to be raised higher up. These trucks are particularly popular for off-roading and among those who just want a better view of the road, but not everyone is familiar with them. If you are just starting the process of looking for your next truck and are considering getting a lifted one, then you will probably want to know what to expect.

Rocky Ridge Models

In the world of lifted trucks, Rocky Ridge is known for creating the most reliable and safest conversions, which is why we stock its models. There is an incredible range of models available, including the Altitude, Camo, Level, Muddigger, Phantom, Stealth, and Summit versions of trucks and Muddigger, Phantom, Pinnacle, and Stealth versions of Jeeps.

Modifications to Expect

You can expect a lifted Rocky Ridge truck to have a 6-inch suspension lift kit with 20-inch custom wheels, 35-inch ATX tires, road force balancing, a Flowmaster muffler, black off-road side steps, and more. For the Rocky Ridge lifted Jeeps, you should expect similar adjustments, with road force balancing, 35-inch all-terrain tires, and 18-inch black off-road wheels. These models also have a 3½-inch Rubicon Expression suspension lift and 4-wheel alignment.

Plenty of Great Benefits

By choosing a lifted truck as opposed to the standard variation, you can also expect an incredible number of advantages. You are always higher up in a lifted truck, and this ensures that you have a clear view of other vehicles on the road as well as any obstacles in your path. This gives you more time to prepare to brake if necessary and avoid a collision with the vehicle in front of you.

Another common reason to opt for a lifted truck is to go off-road. The lifting process means that you have a significantly better ground clearance than you would with a non-lifted truck, letting you tackle higher rocks and more uneven terrain. The large all-terrain tires only enhance this benefit.

Driving a lifted truck also has the simple benefit of making it easier to find your car in a crowded parking lot. Just look for the tallest truck, and you are set. You will also stand out from other vehicles on the road with a lifted truck, which is good for those who like to be the center of attention.

A Great Warranty

Buying a lifted truck from Sherry 4×4 gives you an excellent warranty so you don’t have to worry about any of the original parts of your RAM truck, Jeep, or other model or any of the components in the lift kit. Every lifted truck has a Powertrain Limited Warranty that lasts for 5 years or 100,000 miles. This covers repairs for all of the normal powertrain components, like the transmission, drive system, and engine. Best of all, you can transfer the warranty if you sell a lifted truck that is still covered.

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