Why a Rocky Ridge Truck Is a Great Choice

Those looking for a little more from their pickup truck only need to turn to Rocky Ridge trucks. Rocky Ridge has decades of experiencing converting some of the most popular pickups into off-road-ready models with a lift kit, enhanced suspensions, and other upgrades. It isn’t hard to find reasons to buy a Rocky Ridge truck, between the experience of the conversion team, the professionally installed lift kit, the range of options, and the included warranty.

All the Benefits of a Lift Kit

Rocky Ridge conversions start with a lift kit, giving you all the benefits you would get from any other similar kit but with added confidence. The exact kit varies based on the Rocky Ridge conversion that you choose to go with, but you can expect enhancements like Rocky Ridge cross members in the front and rear, Rocky Ridge front strut tower extensions, rear coil shocks, compression struts, and brake-line relocation brackets, among others. There are also the larger wheels and tires to go with your added ride height. Because of all these lift kit features, you get the ability to tackle nearly any terrain with confidence in a Rocky Ridge.

Converted by Experts with Decades of Experience

One of the issues with traditional lift kits is that you have to install them yourself. Unless you have years of experience and are a trained mechanic, this is almost guaranteed to be a recipe for disaster since you can make some serious mistakes. When done by an untrained person, installing a lift kit can make your truck unsafe to drive, putting you and others on the road at risk. With Rocky Ridge, however, this risk does not exist since their team has 31 years of experience performing conversions and creating lifted trucks that are ready for anything and remain incredibly safe.

Multiple Conversions to Choose From

Another great thing about Rocky Ridge trucks is the sheer range of options that you can choose from. The majority of Rocky Ridge lifted trucks are based on the RAM 1500, but you can choose from multiple different models. The Altitude, Summit, K2, Muddigger, Realtree, Stealth XL, and Stealth all have their own unique traits to set them apart but feature the Rocky Ridge reliability you love. Because of this, it is easy to find a Rocky Ridge truck that matches your preferences.

Based on Incredibly Reliable Vehicles

While Rocky Ridge conversions are done by highly trained professionals with the highest quality materials, they still need to be based on reliable vehicles to give you the necessary faith in the conversion. This is not a concern since all Rocky Ridge models are based on models with an excellent reputation. The Ram that the Rocky Ridge trucks are based on, for example, has earned honors for being a Wards 10 Best Engine, a Consumer Guide Best Buy, A Consumers Digest Best Buy, and more, giving you confidence in the base vehicle.

Included Warranty for Peace of Mind

When you buy a Rocky Ridge truck, you also get the peace of mind of an included warranty. This includes a Powertrain Limited Warranty that lasts for 60,000 miles or 5 years and covers repairs to all covered powertrain components, including the drive system, transmission, and engine. This warranty is even transferrable. Remember that if you were to install a lift kit yourself, you would void your vehicle’s warranty, a fact that makes the warranty on Rocky Ridge conversions even more appealing.

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