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Sherry 4×4 Now Accepting 2024 Lifted Truck Orders

Looking forward to off roading in 2024 and beyond? Worried that your current rig might need an upgrade before you head out? Seeing signs that your existing truck is on it’s last miles? Never had an off-roading vehicle before but looking for a durable and efficient option that packs some off-roading punch?

When you buy a 2024 model, you know you’re getting all of the efficiency and durability improvements vehicle designers have to option, with a competitive lineup. Manufacturers have really pulled out all the stops for this model year, and you don’t want to miss out.

Here’s what you need to know to get your own 2024 lifted truck from Sherry 4×4.

Overview 2024 lifted truck ordersof 2024 Lifted Trucks

2024’s lineup of lifted trucks have generated a lot of buzz in the off-roading community, and with good reason! Impressive suspension and beefy engines are just the start of the package with these high-quality vehicles.

You can expect to see models offering increased ground clearance, suspension improvements that don’t just reduce jostling in the cabin, but also improve off-roading performance, and engines designed to go the distance.

Of course, getting the right trim level for your vehicle is critical if you want to get the best performance for your buck. The Ram 2500 Power Wagon is a great example of a truck that doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of its competitors, but invested in everything you’d want from performance.Trim levels just refer to what package of equipment and additional features you’re getting with the vehicle.

Generally, for an off-roading vehicle, regardless of brand, you’re going to want a mid or high tier trim level for that vehicle. The base models might work, but they aren’t going to feature all of the enhancements that help an off-roading truck last.

You’re really looking for:

  • Ground clearance
  • Suspension
  • Engine power
  • Braking performance

As the 4 key features of an off-roading truck. Generally, there will be at least one trim level that really focuses on those advantages. You want that trim, or better, regardless of make and model.

Sherry 4×4’s Ordering Process

Ordering from Sherry 4×4 is simple. Come to our dealership or visit the website to browse our selection. It’s a good idea to at least test drive a few different models before you settle on the right 2024 off-roading truck for you.

Once you decide what model you want, and if you’re buying a factory model or want to customize your rig, you can place an order on our website. A $1k PayPal deposit on your vehicle takes that vehicle out of our active inventory and reserves it for you.

Customization options include getting a Southern Comfort Automotive (SCA) performance package, Black Widow or Signature Edition conversions, and much more. You can even shop our inventory filtered for the specific transmission or drivetrain you prefer.

Once you reserve a vehicle it’s as simple as coming in to complete the paperwork and pick up your new 2024 lifted truck!

Benefits of Ordering from Sherry 4×4

We know that Sherry 4×4 isn’t the only lifted truck dealer you can work with, but we work hard to make sure we’re the best.

That includes competitive pricing, generous financing options, and customer service representatives that don’t just want to make a sale. They want to make sure you find the perfect fit lifted truck for your needs.

Our staff is knowledgeable, understand the core features a lifted truck needs, and will help you find the right option for your use.

Plus, we offer a range of additional services including regular maintenance and customization options, at purchase and ongoing, to help make sure your lifted truck runs like new as long as possible.


2024 is going to be an exciting year for off-roading enthusiasts of all stripes. If you’re looking forward to the improvements in these new model trucks the time to act is now.

There has already been a lot of demand for 2024 lifted trucks, and inventory is limited. The sooner you act the better your chance to get one of the first run of 2024 lifted trucks before they sell out.

Call Sherry 4×4 at 866-521-5711 to get started today!

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