5 Frequently Asked Questions About Rocky Ridge Trucks and Jeeps

Since Rocky Ridge trucks can be hard to find at times, most drivers have numerous questions about these vehicles, from what the lift kits do to how much experience the company has. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Rocky Ridge Jeeps and trucks, answered to clear up your doubts.

Who Can Add a Rocky Ridge Suspension Lift Kit to My Vehicle?

A Rocky Ridge package can be added to an existing vehicle as long as it has fewer than 25,000 miles and is under two years old. However, you cannot install this package yourself. Part of the reason for Rocky Ridge’s success is that the production staff has a high level of craftsmanship and experience, ensuring the safety of all conversions. Every single member of the Rocky Ridge team undergoes training and development. Even “rookies” by these standards have done nearly 1,000 installations. The company simply can’t ensure the same quality of work if you choose to install the lift kit yourself, which is why it is not offered.

Instead, bring your vehicle to your closest Rocky Ridge dealer, which is likely Sherry 4×4. We can take care of your vehicle after letting you know if it is eligible. Alternatively, you can buy a vehicle that has already been converted by the Rocky Ridge team.

rocky ridge truckWhat Do Suspension Lift Kits Do?

Suspension lift kits take the stock parts, like sway bars, struts, shock absorbers, and springs, and replace them. With the replacements, the vehicle sits higher above the ground with more space underneath. That additional ground clearance helps avoid obstacles when off-roading or driving over rough terrain.

Why Would I Want to Drive a Lifted Truck or Jeep?

Everyone has a different reason for wanting to drive a lifted truck or Jeep like those from Rocky Ridge. Some appreciate the appearance of the tall stance. Others like having an improved view of the road, which can be a big advantage in traffic. Rocky Ridge drivers commonly pick lifted models for their improved ground clearance, which helps with driving on off-road terrain. They also like the ability to fit larger tires and wheels, something that improves off-road performance and appearance.

Is a Lifted Truck Safe?

There is no concern about safety when driving a Rocky Ridge lifted truck. All of the models from the brand meet FMVSS standards, ensuring that they keep you just as safe as you would be in a stock factory truck. Additionally, Rocky Ridge models have undergone (and passed) testing with emergency avoidance maneuvers and tight cornering. The results clearly show that they are just as safe as unmodified trucks or Jeeps.

Can You Pull a Fifth Wheel with a Rocky Ridge Truck?

Yes, it is possible to pull a fifth wheel with your Rocky Ridge truck or Jeep; you can also pull a gooseneck trailer. Many of the existing conversions from Rocky Ridge include a fifth-wheel hitch, or you can ask them to install it for you. For ride comfort reasons, it is best to add a gooseneck hitch if your truck has a maximum of a 2- or 4-inch lift.

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