Nationwide Delivery

You can now find the lifted Jeep or lifted RAM truck of your dreams and never leave your living room because we can help arrange delivery to your home! In today’s 4X4 market, shoppers prefer to use the internet as a powerful shopping tool. With limited lifted Jeep dealers in the country, it’s as important as ever to do research online prior to visiting a dealership in person. But once you’ve found the right 4X4, making arrangements to pick it up can be difficult for some shoppers. To solve this problem, we can help arrange shipping to your home! To calculate shipping costs call us at 866.521.5711.

Save Time

Take advantage of our delivery option to save time. Even if you live near our Piqua, Ohio, dealership, opting for delivery can save the time you would spend driving to and from the dealership. Of course, most people in the area still choose to come pick up their vehicle in person, but it is always an option.

Delivery truly comes in handy for those who live far away. Whether you are on the East Coast, West Coast, or somewhere in between, having your lifted truck or Jeep delivered will save you all the countless hours you would have to spend driving to our dealership. Depending on how far you live, this means delivery could easily save you a full week once you factor in bringing your purchased vehicle back home.

Buy Even if There Isn’t a Dealership By You

Because we can arrange delivery all over the country, you no longer have to waste that time driving to a dealership that sells lifted vehicles. In fact, the scarcity of lifted truck and Jeep dealers is part of the reason we help arrange delivery. We want to make sure that these lifted vehicles are available to everyone across the country. Our team at Sherry 4×4 understands that most people don’t want to drive five hours or more just to go buy a car, so we make sure that’s not a problem.

Don’t Put Miles on Your New Vehicle

In addition to the time you save by having your vehicle delivered by our team, you will also save money in the form of wear and tear and mileage placed on your auto. There is no need to start off your new vehicle’s life with hundreds of miles since we can bring it right to you without accumulating any. More importantly, this limits the amount of time you have to drive your lifted truck on the road; you probably bought it for off-roading, not coasting down the highway.

Finding a Delivery Company You Trust

Yes, it is theoretically possible to buy a vehicle from another dealership far from you and then have it delivered, but you would have to find a third-party delivery company. This is a stressful and important decision, as you need to make sure the company would care for your vehicle, ensuring it arrived in good condition and without a ton of miles already on it. Instead of adding to your list of tasks related to buying a lifted model, just purchase from us and we can assist with choosing that third-party. We have already worked out the best way to do this and will ensure that your lifted auto arrives safely at its destination.

Whether you opt for delivery or visit our Sherry 4×4 dealership in Piqua, you can expect the same excellent level of customer service. To get an estimate for delivery costs, just give us a call or fill out our form for a quote.

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