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You know that Rocky Ridge vehicles are incredibly cool and perfect for off-roading or other adventures. Rocky Ridge takes already impressive trucks and SUVs and makes them even better and unlike anything else you are likely to see on the road, with lifted suspensions and stylish exteriors. In addition to providing impressive vehicles, Rocky Ridge sponsors celebrities, giving them the chance to show off everything they love about these converted vehicles.

Jason Aldean

Popular country singer Jason Aldean is just one of the many musicians that Rocky Ridge sponsors. Many people love Aldean’s music, which includes 24 singles and six different albums. Whether you are driving a Rocky Ridge to one of his concerts or just listening to his music on the road, know that Aldean has a similar vehicle.

Luke Bryan

Another country singer with his own Rocky Ridge vehicle is Luke Bryan. He has released five different albums since 2007 and has been writing music for even longer. Just in the last few years, Bryan has headlined multiple tours and won various awards, including both Artist of the Year and Male Vocalist of the Year from the American Country Countdown Awards.

Florida Georgia Line

This country duo also has a Rocky Ridge vehicle. Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard are from Florida and Georgia, respectively, which is how they came up with the name of their duo. These vocalists are perhaps best known for their single “Cruise,” but they have released three different albums throughout the years. You can find them behind the wheel of a Rocky Ridge Silverado.

Canaan Smith

If you are lucky, you may spot Canaan Smith driving his Rocky Ridge pickup around town. You may remember when his debut single was released in early 2012 and everyone began singing “We Got Us,” or perhaps you prefer one of his other albums or singles, like “Love You Like That.”

John Rocker

Thanks to his Rocky Ridge sponsorship, you may notice John Rocker driving a Rocky Ridge Ram 1500 K2. Rocker used to be a relief pitcher for the Atlanta Braves, Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Texas Rangers, and Cleveland Indians in the major leagues. He has even appeared on some TV shows.

Colt Ford

Colt Ford, whose birth name is Jason Farris Brown, is another Rocky Ridge driver. Over the years, this singer, songwriter, and rapper has released four albums that are all worth a listen.

Other Sponsorships

Rocky Ridge also sponsors plenty of celebrities in other fields, including John Hunter Nemecheck. This favorite stock car racing driver was the 2012 champion of the Allison Legacy Series. You may notice other professionals in the same field, including Jeb Burton, behind the wheel of their Rocky Ridge vehicles. Chase Elliot currently drives in the NASCAR Spring Cup Series behind the wheel of a No. 24 Chevy SS in the name of Hendrick Motorsports. Rocky Ridge also sponsors Bill Elliot, the retired NASCAR driver.

With so many celebrities endorsed by Rocky Ridge and praising their custom vehicles, it makes sense to drive one of these lifted and otherwise converted vehicles. After all, they are among some of the best racers and musicians in the world.

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