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Lifted 2019 RAM Trucks Now At Ohio Dealerships

The wait is finally over. The lifted 2019 RAM lifted trucks are finally in, and you can get yours now. These trucks have some cool features that weren’t available in the 2018 model, so you’ll definitely want to check them out. If you’re a fan of the RAM, expect to feel even more love for the 2019 model. It’s better than ever before.

2019 RAM Truck – What’s New?

The RAM 1500 has long been known as the most comfortable ride you’ll ever experience in a truck. The 2019 model keeps the comfort the truck is known for while adding some extras you won’t want to miss. The new RAM is more powerful and lighter than previous models, and it also has some new technology.

Let’s start with towing capabilities. The 2019 model can tow and carry more. In fact, it has best-in-class V8 towing, with a rating of 12,750 pounds. The new model also includes a lift assist feature to make loading easier. These features make the new RAM the perfect work truck. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a job too big for this beast.

At the same time, the new RAM is 225 pounds lighter. It might be lighter, but it’s stronger than it’s ever been in the past, thanks to the frame’s high-strength steel.

The 2019 model also got a big boost regarding technology. The adaptive cruise control includes full-stop capabilities, and the advanced brake assist with automatic braking will help you avoid collisions. Plus, the adaptive front-lighting system will keep you safer on the road. The new model also has lane keep assist and blind spot monitoring.

The new technology isn’t just about safety. It also includes SiriusXM 360L, and you can add a 12-inch touchscreen with navigation. This is just a sample of the new technology.

Rocky Ridge Packages Available

Here’s something else that’s cool about the 2019 RAM: Rocky Ridge packages are available for these trucks. That means you can get a professional lift kit, tire upgrades, and even more cool features when you purchase a RAM. You will surely turn some heads when you drive around town in your lifted 2019 RAM.

Get Your Lifted 2019 RAM Today

Now is the perfect time to get your lifted 2019 RAM. Be the first one in town driving the new model. You will love the power and performance you get with the RAM, while still enjoying the most comfortable ride in the industry.

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