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Lifted Truck Warranty Information: What You Should Know

It is very common to have questions about the warranty on your lifted truck. After all, warranties are incredibly useful as they save you significant money during the first few years of vehicle ownership. But the fine print in warranties means that they can be voided in certain situations. Before you buy a lifted truck or consider modifying your own vehicle, be sure that you understand the crucial warranty information so there are no surprises.

Adding a Lift Kit Voids the Manufacturer’s Warranty

Before you do anything, keep in mind that if you add a lift kit to a new truck that you bought, this will void the warranty. This is the case for every truck on the market, regardless of the lift kit that you choose to install. Even if you are a mechanic with decades of experience, completing a lift kit installation yourself will void the warranty. Do not do it unless you want to be liable for all future damage, with out-of-pocket expenses.

This does make sense from the standpoint of the automaker. After all, you are making modifications to the vehicle and they have no way of knowing if your changes will negatively impact the truck’s reliability. While this may seem inconvenient, especially for those who are mechanically inclined, it is a fact of life you need to accept.

Buying a Lifted Truck Does Not Void Your Warranty

Just because the warranty for your new truck becomes void if you install a lift kit yourself, this does not mean that you cannot get a lifted truck that has a warranty. If you buy a lifted kit from an authorized dealership, this will not void the warranty. In this case, the manufacturer who offers the warranty can provide some sort of supervision or limits to the modifications. As such, they can still trust that their vehicle functions as it originally did. That allows them to offer the warranty with confidence.

The most important takeaway here is that if you want to have a lifted truck and would still like warranty coverage, you should buy it from a dealership instead of modifying the vehicle yourself.

This is also a smart move from the perspective of safety. An untrained person could easily make mistakes during the lift kit installation, causing immediate or future damage and potential injuries. By contrast, those who install the lift kit before selling it through a dealership are professionals and have the experience needed to avoid mistakes. At Rocky Ridge, for example, the “rookie” suspension technician has already completed 1,000 installations. This is experience the average person cannot even come close to. To supplement this, professionals spend a great deal of time ensuring they are up-to-date with regulations and trends to deliver high-quality service.

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Lifted Parts Have Warranties

There is even better news when it comes to warranties and purchasing your lifted truck from a dealership. The major companies such as Rocky Ridge and AEV offer warranties on their kits and parts. This means that in addition to the original manufacturer’s warranty of your vehicle, you will get to take advantage of the warranty on the converted parts. For most Trucks and Jeep Rocky Ridge packages, there is warranty coverage for 36,000 miles or 3 years.

Having Warranty Service Done

Since the lifted truck you bought from a dealership is covered by warranty, it is natural to wonder where you should take it for warranty service, or just any service in general. Keep in mind that most mechanics are not familiar with lifted trucks. That’s because they are relatively uncommon compared to other vehicles. This unfamiliarity can lead to accidental mistakes when making repairs or performing service. Or it could lead to the mechanic in question missing a potential issue that would be obvious to someone familiar with lifted trucks.

Because of this, you should always bring your lifted truck to a mechanic who has experience working with lifted vehicles. In terms of warranty coverage, you can service your Rocky Ridge vehicle at any service center authorized by the manufacturer. Our suggestion is to always bring your vehicle to the dealership that you made the original purchase from. This way, you can ensure that they are an authorized dealership and that they are familiar with your vehicle. They will also have all the relevant paperwork and information regarding your truck and its warranty on-site.

Before you purchase your lifted truck, you will have the opportunity to ask any lingering questions about the warranty coverage so there are no doubts in your mind.

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