Light Bar Frequently Asked Questions

Most people don’t think about adding a light bar to their car since their headlights and taillights will offer more than enough lighting. That being said, if you happen to go off road or drive through areas with very poor lighting, a light bar can be an excellent way to ensure you see all of the obstacles around you. Because of this, light bars are particularly popular on 4x4s and other vehicles designed for off-roading.

When Is the Best Time to Use a Light Bar?

You will obviously only want to use a light bar at night, in storms, or in other situations where there is almost no light outside. Because of the potential for the bright lights to distract those around you, it is best to use a light bar if there are no other drivers around or they are prepared for this. Off-roading is perhaps the best use for light bars, particularly when the sun begins to set. With the help of a light bar in this situation, you can see your surroundings clearly and get advanced warning of upcoming obstacles. Compared to the regular headlights on your off-roading Jeep or lifted truck, a light bar will dramatically enhance your ability to see obstacles and be much more convenient than trying to physically attach a high-beam flashlight in strategic locations to your vehicle.

lifted-jeep-grill-light-barWhat Are Some Laws Surrounding Light Bars?

The thing about getting a light bar is that you will have to do some specific research on your area. Generally speaking, light bars will be legal to use as long as they don’t have specific colors. Blue and red light bars are obviously illegal in Ohio and most other areas since these are reserved for the police force and can be easily misinterpreted. Some areas will also have restrictions as to the brightness of the light bar allowed or the times that you can have it on and in use.

What Are Some Different Light Bar Types?

Light bars can be divided into three types based on the type of light pattern they cast. A spot beam will cast a narrow beam of light that is only about 30 degrees, making them good for focusing on the trail in front of you while off-roading. Flood light bars have a wider beam, about 60 degrees, making them ideal for lighting up wider areas, such as your campsite at the end of your favorite off-road trail. Some lights will also offer a combination of these with the ability to choose which you use. Light bars are also divided by where they are designed to be mounted. Some were constructed for the front bumper while others go above the windshield or on the lower windshield pillar mount and others can work anywhere.

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