Rocky Ridge Lifted Jeeps Explained

Lifted Jeeps definitely stand out on the road, and it is clear they have their advantages when you hit the trail or want to tackle tough terrain. Just because you admire them, however, doesn’t mean you quite understand how they work. We’re here to fix this issue and explain the suspension and other adjustments made to the Rocky Ridge lifted Jeeps we sell.

Getting to Know the Replaced Components in Front

rocky ridge jeepIt starts with a replacement coil spring that has extra height of 3 ½ inches. Rocky Ridge makes this change to maintain the ride quality of a Jeep spring found in the factory vehicles while enhancing off-road performance. Add in a Rocky Ridge 3.0 shock absorber, which does wonders when you go off road. This absorber handles all bumps, absorbing them with ease in a way you will instantly notice. All of these components work with some factory Jeep parts, including the brake lines and ABS lines; there’s no need to mess with something that works perfectly on and off road. Instead of replacing them, the kit just reroutes them so they work with the other adjustments.

The geometry correction bracket is another component of the lift kit worth mentioning. This lets the Rocky Ridge team move the upper control arm down, which rotates the axle to an alignment closer to that of a factory model.

The track bar relocation bracket helps compensate for the lift kit to raise the mounting points of the factory track bar, creating the ideal line with the drive line. That drive line has been swapped out for an aftermarket high-steering version. These changes help make the drive line flat, ensuring a good drive on the road.

Take a Look at Rear Suspension Adjustments

The rear adjustments Rocky Ridge makes its lifted Jeeps very similar to the front ones. The sway bar end link gets replaced with a longer version. Rocky Ridge also adds bump stop extension pads to the Jeep’s axle so they can keep the factory bump stop. The rear also gets replacement coil springs of a heavy duty nature and the same 3.0 shocks found in the front. Similarly, the rear receives a track bar bracket just like the one in the front.

Thanks to this heavy-duty setup by the experts at Rocky Ridge, your Jeep will have an excellent quality both on the road and off the road. The lift kit is also designed to last an incredibly long time and give you confidence wherever you go.

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