Top Sherrod Lifted Truck Features

For more than 40 years, Sherrod has been serving Americans with premium lifted trucks and top Sherrod lifted truck features. It has worked on many brands, including RAM, Chevy, Ford, and more.

If you want a lifted truck, go for one done right. With Sherrod lifted trucks, you get the latest tech, exceptional off-road driving, and legendary custom features. In addition, Sherrod sources the latest aftermarket parts to make your truck truly unique and properly equipped.

At Paul Sherry, we are proud to work with Sherrod to bring our customers the latest truck lifting technology. It’s our job to give you elegant, luxurious, and rugged trucks.

Sherrod trucks have some of the best features in the market. Their top features include:

Sherrod Lift Kits

Lift kits are aftermarket truck parts designed to lift your truck’s suspension or body. These custom parts increase ground clearance and give you room for larger tires. With these, you can create an insane off-road machine. 

There are two types of lift kits: suspension and body. Body lifts raise only the body from the frame. These lifts come in different configurations, depending on your truck. They may also need some modifications to fit the height you want. These include raising the bumpers, extending the truck’s gearshift, re-gearing, and more.

Generally, body lifts are not popular among off-roaders because they don’t increase ground clearance or improve travel.

On the other hand, suspension lifts increase ground clearance and offer better off-road capabilities. They do so by installing custom front and rear leaf springs and shocks. Remember, past a certain height, you compromise safe handling and center of gravity. 

Stainless Steel Exhaust

Your truck’s stainless steel exhaust offers quality, durability, and performance. These exhausts are better than the standard mild steel. And they offer longevity because they don’t corrode or rust when scratched.

If you live where your vehicle is exposed to salt and high humidity, you risk having rusty parts. That’s why zinc-coated steel exhausts don’t last for long in such areas. Also, the constant emission of gases from your engine eventually affects standard exhaust. 

It all comes down to the components in the exhaust material. Stainless steel contains pure steel with chrome and nickel to resist rust.

So, if you want value for money, stainless steel exhaust is the better option. Not only is it efficient, but it also adds pizzazz to your lifted truck. 

Aerodynamics Body Kit

Yes, body kits look cool. But they bring more than aesthetics to your truck. Initially, they were used on racing cars to enhance aerodynamics and fuel economy. But today, body kits are commonplace in trucks and cars alike.

But those fender flares and other body kits can increase your truck’s aerodynamics. Depending on its design, body kits may reduce drag by filtering the air more effectively. Other body kits are also shaped to add the downforce to increase stability when speeding.

Paul Sherry Lifted Trucks

At Paul Sherry 4×4, we strive to offer our customers the best lifted trucks. Our partnership with Sherrod has further expanded our inventory with legendary custom trucks. The top Sherrod lifted truck features are only a few reasons to choose Sherrod.

Call or visit us online to see our latest additions or make an order.

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