We Finance and Deliver Custom Trucks and Lifted Jeeps

We Finance and Deliver Custom Trucks and Lifted Jeeps

Sherry 4×4 proudly serves customers all over the United States. We recognize the issue that many lifted Jeep shoppers have today. Other car shoppers can utilize online quotes and pricing easily. Lifted Jeep shoppers don’t have nearly as many options. We know that you want to enjoy your new lifted Jeep or custom truck as soon as possible after an online purchase. Our finance department will also work with you to figure out the best deal that fits into your financial budget. Sherry 4×4 is committed to bringing the highest quality vehicles to our customers for the most accurate prices.


We know that life happens when you least expect it to. Most people don’t have perfect credit scores, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting the custom truck or lifted Jeep of your dreams. You can take out a loan that lasts up to 72 months to finance your favorite new vehicle. Even if you have your own financing in place, we would like to have the chance to provide you with the best deal we can offer. Our financing can compete with any industry standards. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by looking over our loan terms.


We also deliver to any state in the continental U.S. You can enter your location into our automated system to get an exact quote for the delivery fee for your vehicle. We make it fast and easy for you to figure out how much your delivery will cost. You can expect your vehicle to arrive in pristine condition in the quickest possible time frame. We know you can’t wait to drive your incredible new lifted Jeep or custom truck. We deliver vehicles that we are proud to sell. Sherry 4×4 is a name you can count on every time.

Trade In

Keep in mind that you can also sell or trade an existing custom truck or lifted Jeep. We are always looking to expand our inventory. We’ll give you a fair market price for your trucks or Jeeps. You can sell it outright, or you can use it as part of your new vehicle purchase. Make sure to call or email us today so that we can work with you. We look forward to serving new and existing customers. We’re sure that you will notice a difference with Sherry 4×4. The keys to the future are now in your hands.

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