3 Steps to Custom Ordering A Lifted Truck in Florida

A lifted jeep is a mean off-road machine. Essentially, you take the normal off-road capabilities of a Jeep Wrangler and take them a notch higher. So, your lifted Jeep has more power and stability, bigger ground clearance, and better agility on rocky and steep terrain.

If you are looking for a better off-road driving experience around Florida, go for a lifted Jeep. 

Even if you plan to do normal cruising, lifting your Jeep is still a viable option. There’s no doubt that a lifted Jeep is elegant and cool. Even better, Jeeps have dozens of aftermarket parts and upgrades for you to add on, so you can go for a unique look with your vehicle.


Select the Vehicle You Want

Variety is everything when it comes to lifted Jeeps. When you have several choices, you get to choose the perfect Jeep for you.

At Paul Sherry, we source the latest Jeeps for you, from Wranglers to Gladiators. Sherry is also known as the leading distributor of Rocky Ridge Jeeps. We understand that tastes are different, so our inventory caters to many preferences. Our vehicles come in several colors, configurations, and lift kits. 

Visiting our website is no different from visiting our dealership. When you browse online, our virtual tour shows you clear pictures and accurate spec descriptions. 

But if you can’t find the Jeep you want, we can customize one for you. Thanks to our skilled personnel and the latest aftermarket parts, we can create one for you.


Consult With Our Friendly Staff

You have to know what you are buying. That’s why we have a knowledgeable team to take you through your Jeep’s specs, brand, and type.

We have the best lifted Jeeps in Florida, but not all are equal. So, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Remember, we can also advise on customizing your Jeep to suit your intended purpose.

Uninformed people and companies sometimes fail to customize Jeeps the right way. This will definitely devalue your vehicle. While the right configurations do not necessarily raise your resale value, they at least maintain its value and your safety. 

Once you finish talking to our friendly staff and ordering your custom Jeep, relax and wait.


Get It Shipped 

We will ship your custom-made Jeep to you using any company you want. Few dealerships match the Jeeps we have in stock. That’s why we take the extra step to ship your Jeep to you. 

So, whether you are in Miami, Orlando, Fort Myers, or Key West, we can coordinate the drop-off for you. You can also track your vehicle as it comes to your destination to allay any fears.


Paul Sherry 4×4 Lifted Jeeps for Sale

Paul Sherry Jeep dealer is a company on a mission. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best lifted Jeeps for their off-road adventures. Don’t let your vehicle limit your exploration. We have lifted Jeeps that combine power and agility to overcome most terrain.

Contact us or check out our inventory to buy your Jeep today.

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