Charlie Mike Jeep: What the Name Means

Take a look at the Rocky Ridge lineup available at Sherry 4×4 and you will notice a new addition, the Charlie Mike Jeep. This is the latest Rocky Ridge conversion to an existing Jeep Wrangler. People unfamiliar with military terms are frequently left wondering what exactly the name means.

A Military Term

People familiar with military terms may already know what Charlie Mike means while the average person probably will not. Charlie Mike is a common code for Continue Mission used when Special Operations talk on the radio to troop members or commanders. It applies to the Green Berets, Navy SEALs, Marine Force Recon, and more. Simply put, Charlie Mike means to keep moving forward and complete the mission no matter what, without giving up.

Living Up to Its Name

Now that you know that Charlie Mike means completing your goals without ever giving up, it makes perfect sense that a lifted and highly capable Jeep from Rocky Ridge would have this name. Thanks to its features and the Pure Drive technology in the Rocky Ridge conversion, this lifted Jeep is capable of anything. It can be the teammate you need to finish whatever mission you have in mind, whether a military operation overseas or just tackling the toughest off-roading terrain close to home.

What the Charlie Mike Jeep Delivers

If you get your hands on a Rocky Ridge Charlie Mike Jeep, you will be in for some unique additions to the already capable Jeep Wrangler it is based on. The custom tire and wheel package includes 35-inch Mickey Thompson BAJA MTZ tires, as well as the 3.5-inch Rocky Ridge Sport Suspension Lift Kit. Of course, you also get custom badging and plenty of other features that enhance its capability.

Limited Availability

Just remember when considering the Charlie Mike Jeep that it is available in limited quantities. After all, Military AutoSource designed the variation of the Jeep for military service members stationed overseas. With limited quantities in production, Rocky Ridge was only able to make a small number of their conversions.

As such, you will likely need to act quickly to get one of these SUVs. While the others will not necessarily see Rocky Ridge conversions like the Charlie Mike Jeep has, this is actually only one of three special Jeeps created by Military AutoSource. The first was a Warrior Cherokee, followed by a Warrior Wrangler.

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