Introducing the Jeep Wrangler Rocky Ridge Mad Rock

For the most reliable lifted trucks and SUVs, most drivers know to turn to Rocky Ridge models, like those available at Sherry 4×4. If you love lifted Jeeps that are highly capable and ready for adventures off the road, then you will be excited to learn about the new Jeep Wrangler Rocky Ridge Mad Rock. This is the latest Rocky Ridge conversion of the Wrangler, and it is just as reliable and tough as the others are.

Get to Know the Suspension Lift Kit

rocky ridge mad rock jeepLike all other Rocky Ridge conversions, the Wrangler Mad Rock begins with a suspension lift kit. In this case, it is a 3.5-inch Rocky Ridge Sport X kit that features high-performance coil springs, a high steer conversion, and Rocky Ridge 3.0 monotube shocks. This kit also replaces the sway bar end links in front and rear and adds a brake line relocation bracket, a geometry correction bracket, and an adjustable track bar bracket in front and rear. It also includes the Pure Drive Technology, a Rocky Ridge system that actually improves the drive and ride quality by working with the Wrangler’s natural character.

Meet the Tires and Wheels

Since the newly available Jeep Wrangler Rocky Ridge Mad Rock is designed for off-roading, it has tires and wheels that work with the lifted suspension and keep you above your obstacles. The standard Wrangler wheels are swapped out for 20-inch ones coated in black powder. On them sit Mickey Thompson MTZ 37×13.5×20 tires, which give you the height and confidence you need. To ensure that these tires and wheels work seamlessly with your Jeep Wrangler, there is a complete system recalibration, road force balancing, and four-wheel mad rock rocky ridge jeepalignment.

Additional Features of Note

The Wrangler Rocky Ridge Mad Rock stands out from standard-issue Jeeps in more ways than its added height and unique wheels and tires. It also has a windshield banner with the Rocky Ridge logo and power-retractable side steps so you can still easily get inside. Other enhancements include a Grumper front skid plate, a Fab Fours Grumper front bumper, a matching one in the rear, and an off-the-door tire carrier. There are also LED front turn signals, powder-coated steel fenders with flares, and a 50-inch LED light bar on the windshield, among other enhancements. The 8,500-pound synthetic rope winch is there to help you get out of sticky situations when off-roading. You can even choose a Mad Rock with a snorkel system or the 435-horsepower Petty Performance Pack.

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