Rocky Ridge Jeep Bumpers: How Do I Get Them?

If you love lifted Jeeps, then you probably have heard of Rocky Ridge Trucks and admire their bumpers. Although they are just a single part of the lift kit, many people find themselves wishing they had a Rocky Ridge bumper on their Jeep to help show off the vehicle’s toughness. If you find yourself in this boat, read on to discover how to get them.

Only Available with a Kit

Unfortunately for those who want the Rocky Ridge bumpers on their Jeep but don’t necessarily care about the rest of the lift kit, they are not available as a separate option. Instead, you have to get the entire lift kit, which includes the stylish bumpers that let everyone know your Jeep is tough.

Where to Get the Lift Kit

Because Rocky Ridge prides itself on high-quality products installed by professionals, you can only get the lift kits via an official Rocky Ridge dealer like Sherry 4×4. This ensures that the kit is properly installed without any negative effects on your vehicle. It also means that your Jeep’s original warranty will not be voided. Remember that most of the time, adding your own lift kit to a vehicle voids the manufacturer’s warranty, leaving you responsible for repairs and maintenance it would have otherwise covered.

With a Rocky Ridge lift kit installed by professionals through an official dealer, this is not a concern. Because they know exactly what they are doing, your manufacturer’s warranty remains. So while you may bemoan spending an extra few hundred or thousand dollars by choosing the high-quality Rocky Ridge kit and having it installed by professionals, you will save money overall from your warranty coverage.

Check Out Some Bumpers

As part of the lift kit, any Jeep that you add a Rocky Ridge bumper to will also get added ride height that works with its normal capabilities to enhance them. If your main focus is the bumper, however, then you probably want to learn more about those elements in particular. The bumper you get will depend on the Rocky Ridge Jeep conversion you choose, with each being slightly different. Regardless of the conversion, the bumper is eye-catching and fitting of a rugged vehicle that is ready for anything.

The Jeep Madrock, for example, gets a Fab Fours Grumper front bumper to match the Grumper front skid plate with another Fab Fours bumper in the rear. The Wrangler Adrenaline Jeep, on the other hand, gets a set of Rocky Ridge Elite Series bumpers, one for the front and another for the back. This same set of bumpers is found on the Summit and Stealth models as well. A different choice is the Rocky Ridge Full Armour front and rear bumpers, which are part of the Wrangler K2 lift kit as well as the Wrangler Pinnacle.

Because of the choices, you essentially have three different Rocky Ridge Jeep bumpers that you can get for your vehicle. Either talk to an authorized Rocky Ridge dealer about adding them to your existing model or see their selection of Jeeps that have already been converted and feature these bumpers.

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