Top 3 Lifted Jeep Gladiator Packages for Sale

Do you want to play in the mud? Or maybe you like going through rough trails? The lifted Jeep Gladiator is a true pickup truck designed to do it all. It can take on any terrain in almost any condition. 

Jeep Gladiator Specs

lifted-jeep-gladiator-for-saleYou can carry a lot of things with the 5-foot cargo bed. It is made to take a beating with the spray-in bed liner. No matter what you load, the Jeep Gladiator’s truck bed can withstand it.

With a 1,700-pound payload capacity, you do not have to leave anything behind. Tow your motorcycles, camper, or even a boat behind you and bring it wherever you go. That power is the best in its class.

The Jeep Gladiator is built for performance with no compromises. It has a 4×4 system designed for traction so you can take on any terrain. The special water sealing lets you go through the most difficult river crossings. It is a maneuverable truck with high articulation and ground clearance. 

The Gladiator may be rugged, but it carries several modern features like:

  • Apple CarPlay
  • Skill for Amazon Alexa
  • Vehicle health reporting
  • Vehicle finder
  • Remote vehicle starting

Lifted Jeep Gladiator Packages

The lifted Jeep Gladiator takes you a step above, quite literally. You can install larger tires by lifting the body from the chassis. Regular lift packages include:

  • 18-inch tires
  • Fox Factory series shocks
  • Fox Factory steering stabilizers
  • Mopar speedometer calibration
  • Rock rail side steps

The upgraded Jeep Gladiator lift packages include:

  • Massive 37-inch tires
  • Fox Factory elite performance shocks
  • Power side steps
  • Color-changing exterior paint
  • High-clearance fenders

At Sherry 4×4, we have partnered with Rocky Ridge to provide you with the best quality lifts. They are known for their Wrangler lift packages which they translated to the Gladiator.

The higher ground clearance can get you over most obstacles out in the open. The additional ride height also gives you a better view of everything around. And, there is no denying that a lifted Jeep has more style.

The price for a lifted Jeep Gladiator would depend on the package you want and specific elements to add on. 

Shop for Your Lifted Jeep Gladiator

You can shop online or at our store for a lifted Jeep Gladiator. Choose from different models and lifted Jeep Gladiator packages available from our lot. We offer warranties on all Rocky Ridge components for three years or 36,000 miles. 

We can also help you with your financing needs. Or, if you want a trade-in appraisal, our team is ready to take in your request.

Contact us today to get a final price and offer. You can also visit us in person to appreciate the beauty and power of the lifted Jeep Gladiator yourself.

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