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5 FAQ When Buying A Lifted Jeep

How Much Are Lifted Jeeps?

Lifted Jeeps can range in price depending on the Jeep you want to lift and the kit you want to add. Typically new Jeep Wranglers cost between $40,000 and $90,000.

While that range can be large, it best to consult with a lifted Jeep expert to find exactly which Jeep and lift kit best meets your budget. An expert will be able to reduce which options aren’t important to you and/or find extra incentives you qualify for.

Are Lifted Jeeps Dangerous?

Lifted Jeeps are safe if installed by a certified professional. This will guarantee that all mechanics work functioning and calibrated properly.

If a new lifted Jeep dealer is an officially licensed dealer like Sherry 4×4, the lift kit is most likely installed by a trained professional.

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Do Jeeps come lifted?

A typical Jeep does not come “lifted”. Lift kits add additional height to what typically standard on a Jeep from the factory.

New lifted Jeeps for sale from Sherry 4×4 are sent to the lift kit manufacturer for professional installation. This is ideal because it does not void the manufacturers warranty. If a new Jeep is purchased and a aftermarket lift kit is installed, Jeep will not honor any manufacturers claims.

Even if you don’t see the lifted Jeep for sale of your dreams, don’t worry! Sherry 4×4 welcomes customs orders so you can get exactly the new lift Jeep you want.

What is a lifted Jeep?

A lifted Jeep is considered a Jeep that has aftermarket parts that make the Jeep higher and off-road performance upgrades.

Some lift kit parts can be purchased from the manufacturer (Mopar) and some can be purchased from third parties. New lifted Jeep Wranglers found at Sherry 4×4 come with a lift kit already professionally installed.

Will a Jeep dealer install a lift kit?

It is possible to have a Jeep dealer install a lift kit on your behalf. Although, when a new Jeep is mechanically changed by a none certified mechanic from that lift manufacturer, it will void any standing manufacturers warranty.

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