Lifted Jeep Wrangler Suspension: Top 4 Features

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lifted jeep suspension

When driving around in a lifted Jeep Wrangler, you are in control of a highly capable truck. The Jeep Wrangler is already impressive, but the lifted version from Rocky Ridge takes this to the next level. Look at some of the best features of the lifted Jeep Wrangler suspension to better understand how this converted SUV performs so well.

  1. Factory Replacement Coil Spring – This coil spring measures 3.5 inches taller than the factory version. It keeps some of the ride characteristics you love from the factory Jeep Wrangler spring while improving the off-road performance. The factory bump stock remains in a lifted Jeep Wrangler, but Rocky Ridge drops it down slightly, so it can keep functioning how Wrangler intended, even with the replacement coil spring.
  2. Rocky Ridge 3.0 Shock Absorber – The Rocky Ridge 3.0 Shock Absorber works to ensure the lifted Wrangler gets awesome ride quality while on the road. At the same time, it does an excellent job handling off-road bumps for a well-controlled suspension. Rocky Ridge keeps the factory brake lines and factory ABS lines. The kit simply reroutes these lines, so there is no interference on or off the road.
  3. Geometry Correction Brackets – The geometry correction brackets are a cool and unique part of the lifted Jeep Wrangler suspension. These brackets move the attachment point of the upper control arm. Rocky Ridge moves the control arm down, which rotates the axle, so it has a factory-like alignment.
  4. Track Bar Relocation Bracket – Rocky Ridge also uses the factory track bar in its Jeep Wrangler lifts but with a track bar relocation bracket. This raises where the track bar mounts to maintain the proper line with the drag link. Instead of the factory driveline, Rocky Ridge puts in an aftermarket high-steer version. This results in flipping the drag link, so it is very flat, enhancing on-road driving characteristics.

Similar Rear Components

Most of those top features of the lifted Wrangler suspension are repeated in the rear. You will find heavy-duty replacement coil springs at the rear, along with the 3.0 shocks like in the front. There is also the same bar bracket as in the front.

There are also some notable points here, such as the sway bar end link that gets swapped out with a longer version. Because of the way Rocky Ridge installs the conversions, the brake lines, ABS lines, and vent lines still have enough space thanks to the rerouting and dropping. The axle gets bump stop extension pads. This makes it possible to keep the factory upper bump stop in place while giving this part a new surface for landing.


What the Suspension Delivers

Thanks to these suspension features, the Jeep Wrangler Rocky Ridge conversion has a heavy-duty setup that lets it drive and ride in an amazing manner and last for a lifetime. Those who have driven one of these lifted Jeep Wranglers tend to deliver overwhelming praise for their handling as well as their ability to go off the road without issue.

Rocky Ridge conversions also use Pure Drive technology to ensure the Jeep gets the smoothest ride, whether on or off the road. The Pure Drive technology helps maintain the factory steering handling and geometry.


Exploring the Conversion Packages

No matter which lifted Jeep Wrangler conversion you choose, you will get to enjoy all of the above suspension features for a smooth and exciting ride on the trail or the road. If you are interested in Rocky Ridge lifted Jeep conversions based on the previous-generation Wrangler, the Wrangler JK, you can choose from the Mad Rock, Adrenaline, Summit, Stealth, K2, and Pinnacle. If you prefer a conversion based on the latest Wrangler, the JL, you can enjoy the K2, Stealth, Summit, or X-Package conversion. Regardless of your chosen conversion package, you will get the replacement coil spring, the 3.0 shock absorbers, and the brackets to give you a standout suspension.

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