Types of Modifications for a Custom Jeep

Modifications go with the rugged and customizable Jeep like chocolate goes with peanut butter and it doesn’t tend to take much time before new Jeep owners start thinking about what upgrades they might be able to have fitted.

This real question is where do you start?

To help you get to grips with what upgrades are available for your Jeep, we’ve put together this guide that breaks them down into two categories, cosmetic and off-road, and then gives you the details you need to pick out your first modification.

Cosmetic Modifications

Cosmetic upgrades tend to make your Jeep look better or add a layer of functionality that keeps your Jeep looking pristine. Some of the more common cosmetic modifications include:

A 1-3” Lift Kit

While lift kits are normally associated with off-roading, a 1-3” body lift kit doesn’t really give you the clearance you need for real off-roading. The benefit of a body lift kit is that it does allow you to fit slightly larger tires and it makes your Jeep look cool, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Entry Guards

Entry guards help to keep your Jeep’s door frames free of boot scuffs and scratches caused by you getting in and out of the vehicle. These paint protectors are especially useful if you’ve invested in the body lift kit above.

Hood Latches

Hood latches do exactly what they say on the tin. They stop your hood from rattling around, keeping it securely in place regardless of what the driving conditions are like. They aren’t by any means mandatory, but if you can’t stand annoying background noises then it might be worth investing in some.

Floor Liners

Much like the entry guards, floor liners are used to keep your Jeep from getting messed up by other people’s boots. Removable floor liners keep your footwells free of mud and grass and can be machine washed. You can even spring for custom ones for a little extra flair.

A Soft Top

Not entirely cosmetic, as it does have a use, a soft top is a must in hotter states and is a treat on a nice summer’s day in pretty much anywhere. There is something about pulling down the roof and driving with the wind in your hair that just can’t be beaten.

Off-road Modifications

Off-road mods turn you Jeep into an all-crawling terrain scaling machine with extra hight, bigger tires, and changes to the suspension and lockers. Some of the most common off-road mods include:

Suspension Lift Kits

Unlike a body lift kit, a suspension lift kit is there to give you the ride height you need to travel over the most unforgiving terrain. The hight of the lift depends on what kind of terrain you think you’ll be facing, but it can be as much as 6”.

The higher the lift, the more your Jeep’s suspension geometry will need to be modified to keep your Jeep riding right. A 6” lift kit might see you replacing a huge number of parts with custom alternatives, such as driveshafts, control arms, and slip yoke eliminators. You might even need to change the angle of your pistons, all of which comes with a hefty price tag.

Larger Tires

Adding extra ground clearance with a suspension lift won’t mean much if you don’t have rubber underneath it to give you proper grip. Suspension lifts and bigger tires tend to go hand in hand, as you can’t have one without the other.

In order to fit a 33″ offroad tire to a factory standard Jeep, you’ll need to raise the wheel rims by at least 3.5”, meaning you’ll be needing that suspension lift first. Once you’ve raised your Jeep, don’t just go for the largest tires you can. Different types and sizes of tire suit different types of terrain, so do your research first.

The Required Winch

While not a modification that comes straight to mind, the winch is actually a vital part of any off-roader’s Jeep modification. Going off-road means accepting the chance that you might end up getting stuck and, in that situation, having a winch fitted is suddenly going to become very important indeed.

A winch can be used to bail you or a fellow off-roader out of a tight situation and having one means you won’t have to wait, red-faced, for someone to come and pull you out of where ever you are wedged.

Differential Lockers

If your Jeep doesn’t come with differential lockers, and most don’t, they are well worth investing in some if you plan to do any serious off-roading. Differential lockers are installed as part of your Jeep’s axle and force the wheels attached to that axle to spin at the same speed.

This significantly improves your tire’s traction and, therefore, the climbing and scrambling ability of your Jeep, preventing you wheels from simply spinning pointlessly.

Rock Sliders

If the terrain you plan on off-roading in is particularly rocky, or if you are looking to do some deliberate rock climbing, then we suggest installing rock sliders to protect your Jeep from being damaged by rocks and undergrowth as you barrel down the trails.

Rock sliders also make a handy attachment point for the winch we mentioned earlier, if you happen to get yourself in a tight situation.

Off-road Bumpers

Aftermarket bumpers not only look cool, but they can also help to protect your jeep from damage and increase its off-roading potential. As with rock sliders, they make perfect anchor points for a winch, improve your angle of approach for steep climbs, and certain rear bumpers have additional space for a spare tire or jerry can of fuel.

Get the Right Mods

The best way to make sure you get exactly the modifications you need for your Jeep is to come to us knowing precisely what you want them for. Once you’ve got a good idea of what you need from your Jeep mods, you can work with our experienced team to get exactly the results you want. Call us today on 866 906 9303 or come and visit us at 8793 N County Road 25A, Piqua Ohio.

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